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First Post: Muslim Freaks at the Drum

March 1, 2009 - 3 Responses

I have issues with muslim freaks.  This blog will talk about all the wierd and strange muslim freaks that are out there, that claim to represent the muslims,  yet are way off track and have little connection with the muslim faith.

We have recently been witness to the emergence of Muslim Hip Hop, and were present at the two events at the Drum recently.  We have lots to say about this and plenty of Muslim Freaks were present.

Our sisters Poetic Pilgrimage, although in the debate on Thursday gave off the impression they were reserved, proved otherwise during the Friday performance.  Dancing and wiggling away on stage with other men, in front of a mix crowd of teenagers with full on music.  This is not the behaviour of dignified muslim women.  I am not against the creative expression of women via poetry, but they are taking it a bit too far.

Kumasi and DJ BLM, were guilty of the same. Encouraging the crowd to stand up and come forward, which lead to people dancing and jumping all over the place…  It was utter madness and i personally saw a good number walk off in disgust.

This is Muslim Hip Hop?  I have been following this for a while, and I must say I have enjoyed going to spoken-word/conscious hip Hop events, where there has been positive vibes, and performers who knew the limits.

But I think this type of event, where the lyrics were drowned out by very loud music, where you can bearly make out the lyrics, people shouting BRAP BRAP,  was really just a nightclub gig without alcohol being consumed.  I personally feel this event was devoid of any religious benefit, and was just a auditorium full of teenage boys and girls who were glad to be out of the house.